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This community is for fans of Roy/Tim. Any Fandom related media is welcome here.

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General Com Rules

1. This is a slash friendly community. If you can't handle that then this isn't the place for you.

2. Be nice. Seriously, if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all. We're all friends here, let's act accordingly

3. Support each other. Fandom can be a scary and intimidating place. I ask the pros to offer encouragement to the newbies and the newbies to remind the pros what they mean to us all. We all grow together.

- Share. From the most passing fancy to the most epic fic, share it with us please. This pairing has a small fanbase, and we like to get all the love we can.

Community Diclaimer
All characters depicted in romantic and/or sexual situations in the posts/fanfiction/fanart hosted on this community, including material in the comments, are fictional and considered to be by the author, and the readers, of said material of the legal age of consent in the United States state of California, regardless of what age these characters may be in the material they are derived from.

(Disclaimer taken from gundam00fanfic and slightly altered to fit this community.)

Fan Fiction

1. All fic must be placed under a cut. ALL FIC. Even drabbles.

2. We accept all lengths and ratings for fic.

3. Fic must be focused on Roy/Tim or Roy and Tim. Threesomes are allowed so long as Roy and Tim make up two out of the three.

4. Please use this format for the header:


Also, please put the word ‘Fic’ in the subject line.

5. We accept all ratings for fan fiction, but all fic with a rating of NC-17 must be friend's locked.

6. All writers and artists are required to warn for the following: rape/non-con, death, violence.


-It's not necessary, but it would be appreciated if any fan fic posted in this com is beta-ed. It's perfectly acceptable to make posts in this com asking for a beta for a fic. We all need them, so don't be shy.

If anyone wants to volunteer to be an on-call beta-reader, that would be very much appreciated.


1. Large images must be placed under a cut. I leave the exact size up to you guys, but seriously, don’t stretch out people’s friends pages.

2. All types of images are acceptable.
-scans: You can upload scans of any length, hell you can scan and post a whole book if you’d like.
-fan art
-whatever the heck else you want

3. If icon makers ask for credit, give them credit, punks!


I’m looking for someone who might be interested in doing graphics for this com. If you’re talented in this area, I’d really appreciate it if you would volunteer to help. This would mostly involve making banners for contests.


1. Roy/Tim OTP Tournament
Status: Closed; Winners can be found here

2. Roy/Tim Summer Pot Luck
Status: Open; Enter prompts here


1. Anything Roy or Tim related is fair game.

2. Like I said before, be nice.

3. All spoilers go under cuts. If a comic has been out for more than two weeks then you’re find, less than that, use the cut please.


I’ve decided that I’ll do all the tagging myself. It’ll steam-line things, I think.

You can find a list of our tags here. They should all be pretty axiomatic.


Any questions you might have about the com can be directed to me, aravistarkheena. You can shoot me a line at aravistarkheena at yahoo dot com.

Any other questions can probably be asked directly to the com. We’re open and friendly and encourage discussion. Don’t be scared to ask us questions.

Comments and Suggestions

If you have any suggestions about things pertaining to the com, just shoot me a line at the previously mentioned contact info. I’m always happy for suggestions and help.




Thanks to zoe_chan for making our pretty icon.

Thanks to yentai for making our amazing banners. :DD